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Top 4 Things to Ask Your Mortgage Broker

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13:53 PM

Opting for a home loan can be a long and daunting task – one that requires a lot of patience. Whether you want to upgrade or downsize your loan, you need to be prepared beforehand. Moreover, you need to ask just the right questions to make a well-informed decision. Otherwise, you might fall prey to the vultures in the market, making this process harder and more tiresome.


Questions You Need to Ask Your Mortgage Broker

The following are some important questions you need to ask your mortgage broker before finalising the deal.

1.      Which Loan Suits My Needs the Best?

Before finalising a loan deal, make sure your mortgage broker is genuinely concerned about your needs. Tell them what you want, how you want it to, and what will be your future plans. If they hear you calmly and patiently, noticing every little detail you throw their way; they will be able to provide the best loan option for you. Instead of demanding what you want, ask them what they would suggest.


2.      How Much Interest Do I Need to Pay?

There are two types of interest rates – variable and fixed. A variable interest rate can fluctuate depending on the financial status. On the other hand, a fixed interest rate stays the same throughout the tenure.
Choosing a suitable interest rate is the main concern. Sometimes, a low-interest rate results in spending more money in the long run. This is why you need to consult your mortgage broker. They will suggest the best possible option depending on your financial records.


3.      When Will My Loan Get Approved?

This is a very important question. If you fail to get the loan in time, you won’t be able to put your plan into action. Therefore, you need to plan accordingly to start the process swiftly.
Ask your mortgage broker what needs to be done to get the loan as soon as possible. Since it is a long process, it might be dragged for too long. Incomplete information and error in the documentation are among the main causes for the delay. However, if you have an experienced mortgage broker, they will ensure that everything is in place before commencing the process.


4.      What Is the Required Fee?

Sometimes, mortgage brokers try to throw a lot of jargon to try and confuse their clients. Don’t be fooled by that. Ask them to explain the fees in plain English and see the list for yourself. Otherwise, you mind end up paying a lot more than you were supposed to.
These are some important questions you need to ask your mortgage broker before finalising the loan. Proceed only when you get satisfactory answers. Otherwise, change your mortgage broken.